What is 3A+?

3A+ is Highland International Education's full-service program for international high school and middle school students who wish to study and acquire in-depth cultural experience in the U.S.

We offer two levels of assistance:

1. Basic Support Services: 3A

  • School Match

  • Host Family Service

  • Guardian Service

2. Additional 360° Support Service: 3A+



Additional 360° Support Service

  • English language tutoring

                Experienced, native English-speaking

                tutors help students improve English

                fluency for academic success.


  • Tutoring in Academic Subjects 

                Expert tutors, educated at top

                U.S. universities, assist with all

                school subjects at all levels

                including AP and IB.


  • College Entrance Test Preparation

                Tutors with proven teaching skills

                guide students in preparing for all  

                tests required by U.S. colleges:

                TOEFL, SAT, ACT.        


  • Guidance for College Applications

                Our college planning professionals 

                advise on all stages of the college

                applications process. We show

                students how to strengthen

                applications by highlighting  

                distinctive advantages.

  • ​Visa Service

                Help students get the school's i-20

                form, then provide ​the visa service.

  • Volunteer Community Service

        Volunteering in the local community

        expands students' cultural

        understanding. Many U.S. high

        schools require community service

        for graduation. Highland helps

        students find service opportunities

        that match individual interests and



  • Weekend Activities

        Highland arranges weekend

        activities that are culturally-

        enriching, safe, and fun. Highland  

        guardians and guides, familiar with

        local attractions and events,

        accompany students to museums,

        historical sites, sporting events,

        festivals, theater, and concerts.


  • Holiday Celebrations

        Highland hosts students on major

        holidays -- like Chinese Lunar New

        Year --at special festivities with

        traditional foods and social activities

  • Travel-Study

        During the customary week-long

        school break each spring, Highland

        travel-study trips give students a

        chance to see more of the U.S. Our

        team leaders and professional tour

        guides accompany students to

        destinations of cultural importance

        like New York City and South Florida,

        ensuring students' safety and








3A+ is nothing short of a personalized growth plan to prepare students for studying at the best U.S universities. The 3A+ process surrounds the student with expertise and resources needed to navigate the path towards higher education goals.


Our mentors and project managers, located close to the student's school and residence, respond quickly to help with any need or situation that may arise.