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Navigating the college application process is much different than a generation ago. Selecting courses and activities, preparing for standardized tests, choosing a college and major, writing essays, completing applications- the process has become confusing, stressful and increasingly competitive.


If you don’t know where to start the college search, Highland can help. If you now where you want to go to college but need a road-map on how to get there, Highland can help. Highland is able to guide you through all the big decisions regarding your college search.

Not only is college guidance a valuable resource when conducting your college search, Highland can also help facilitate the sometimes overwhelming process of completing applications. You can reach out to our counselors for their advice on essays, extracurriculars and more.

Highland's Essay Workshop is a tremendous resource to all college applicants. While your English teacher may be to help with proper grammar, Highland college essay experts can correct grammar and provide valuable insight on how to interpret prompts and consult on Common App statements.


Highland counselors can also help you perfect your extracurricular profile. Highland can help direct you in activities to help round out your resume as well as direct you to resources for internships and service opportunities to balance your academic record.


Highland College Admissions Counseling for Grades 8-12 Includes:

  1. Personalized Admissions Report: Evaluation of a student’s background in academic, personal, & extracurricular areas

  2. Reading list and vocabulary program: Geared towards standardized test prep

  3. Personalized Testing Schedule: Year-by-year strategy for standardized testing

  4. Customized Guidance: Course planning, extracurricular choices, and summer plans

  5. Academic Niche: Support in articulating and developing an academic edge

  6. Application Strategy: Crafting a final college list for early and regular admission

  7. College Applications: Assistance with the Common Application – essays, activity sheet, awards and background information

  8. Interview Prep:

Highland College Boot Camp: for students in 11th and (rising) 12th grade. Prior to Highland College Boot Camp students receive:

  1. Personalized Admissions Report: A detailed assessment of academic credentials, road map for targeted colleges, ways to develop your academic niche, advice on class selection and standardized testing

  2. Personal Consultation to discuss your Admissions Report and review next steps

  3. E-Copies Of: Personalized Guide to Summer Activities to develop student resume

During Highland College Boot Camp students will:

  1. Work with a Senior Counselor

  2. Complete the Entire Common Application

  3. Prepare 3 College Application Essays applicable for most non-common application needs

  4. Complete an Activity Sheet

  5. Take Part in Interview Training


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