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U.S. High School Dual-Diploma Program


The Highland Dual-Diploma Program (2+1 program or 1+2 program). The Dual Diploma Program offers a specially designed curriculum to Chinese partner schools that model the educational experience of their American partner schools. The program allows students to be simultaneously enrolled in high school in both China and the USA. Upon successful completion of the program, the Chinese students receive a high school diploma from both a Chinese and an American high school.

We believe that the Highland China-USA Dual Diploma Program benefits students in these ways:

  1. Students experience a high-quality educational experience that increases cross-cultural understanding through curricula that integrate with existing school academics.

  2. While students are still in China, they earn credits required for an American diploma and slowly acclimate to American teaching methods- critical thinking, rhetorical analysis and self-expression. When they arrive in person for their study in the USA, they are already familiar with expectations, and can better take advantage of their new opportunities.

  3. This dual high school diploma program represents a way for Chinese students to receive an American education with limited time for studying abroad. For parents who appreciate the benefit of study abroad but want to keep their child in their home country longer, students can experience the best of both worlds.


   Program Highlights:

  1. Flexible learning time:

   While students will attend school in their home country, their American partner school will offer       American courses asynchronously. Students will be able to log into to the learning portal on to do their   classes on their own personal schedules. Live learning with teachers is lecture style, giving student the   opportunity to interact in a live online setting with teachers to practice listening, language and   discussion skills. Online live-learning is scheduled at a beneficial time to the student in their local time,   separate from times that would conflict with Chinese school time.

    2. Self-Paced Study

  Foreign subject matter given more time in Dual Diploma Programs tha in the traditional in-person   American classroom. Subjects required for an American diploma (American History, American   Government, for example) are subjects with which native American students are familiar. Commonly   known people, places and things to every American student are not familiar to Chinese born students. A   casual mention of George Washington has relevance to the American born student, while Chinese   students have no basis for knowledge in the subject matter. The online pat form for these kinds of   classes gives Chinese students time to do reference checks, grow a knowledge base and find relevance   for people, places and things that can hep them achieve better mastery o subject matter.

   3. Highland Support

  Highland offers “HELP ME!” support to students who have issues either accessing classes, content   materials, connecting with teachers as well as content support. If students need help in subject   matters, Highland offers virtual assistance to explain curricula content.


How it works:

    2+1 Program

  • Year 1- China

   Core courses in China

   Online classes in American partner school- US Government and ESL


  • Year 2- China

   Core courses in China

   Online classes in American partner school- US History and Ethics


  • Summer before 12th grade- USA

   1 week service program at American partner school

   1 week College Application Camp

   1 week east coast USA tour- Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City and Yale, Boston and Harvard.     Niagara Falls

   1 week American partner school orientation


  • Year 3- USA

   All courses taught in-person in USA


  1+2 Program- example (each partner school has specific course schedule)

  • Year 1- China

   Core courses in China

   Online classes in American partner school- US Government and American History


  • Summer before 11th grade- USA

   2 weeks intensive SAT Prep

   SAT test

   1 week American partner school orientation


  • Year 2- USA

   All courses taught in-person in USA


  • Year 3- USA

   All courses taught in-person in USA


   When students are attending in-person school in the USA, Highland offers two living options:


  • Homestay- live with a Highland trained, supported and managed American host family

  • Highland Dormitory- safe, secure, professionally managed homestyle living dorm with private bedrooms, daily meals, supervision and support

  • All Highland Dual Diploma students are eligible to participate in Highland sponsored activities- ESL, SAT, Toefl prep, college counseling, cultural enrichment activities.

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