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Sandy Spring Summer Camp


The Summer at Sandy Spring camp is a great opportunity for students who are looking for an immersive summer experience. Through interactive classes and activities, students will greatly improve their English language abilities while gaining a better understanding of American culture. Field trips and extracurricular activities, such as museum tours and trips to local historical landmarks, will give students hands-on learning opportunities. Students will stay with safe and nurturing host families during camp to further ingrain the language skills and cultural awareness that they will gain.


  • Experiential Learning: Students will learn by doing hands-on activities and have first-hand experiences which will tie into their classroom curriculum. 

  • Language Immersion: English classes are included in the curriculum, and students are immersed in an entirely English environment, both at school and while staying with a host family.

  • All-Around Education: Students will be exposed to a wide range of activities and classes, ranging from STEM to hands-on geography lessons, which will help them become well-rounded individuals.

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