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Leaders in the Education Sector from China to America. Highland Education has transformed students lives over the past 3 decades. Providing connections to top schools, universities and camps in the U.S.A

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Location Washington Capital Region


Hiland has been a leader in global exchange for more than 30 years. From high school study abroad to summer camp, short term study, internship, language classes, test preparation, dormitory and homestay management. 

Hiland has given thousands of students amazing opportunities to have powerful, life changing experiences in the USA. 

Hiland is headquartered in Sandy Spring, Maryland, located thirty minutes from the heart of Washington, DC. Studying in the Washington Capital region is an incredible experience.  From top-notch education to art, industry, cultural diversity, and the seat of the national government, studying in the Capitol region affords you the chance to immerse yourself in the most in demand language in the world in the most prestigious region of the world.

The Capital region a perfect destination for every student’s wants and needs.

We coordinate and manage every aspect of the student’s experience from school selection to accommodation management, ongoing guidance counseling, academic support like ESL, Toefl and SAT preparation, internship management, enrichment opportunities, summer and break travel and service programs.

The Hiland Education advantage is our hands-on approach


Hiland engages with professionals in the community to engage with students and share their experience and guidance in career fields like medicine, engineering, law and business. With world renowned corporations and organizations like Lockheed Martin, Johns Hopkins, the Smithsonian Institute, Marriott, Under Armour, NIH and the World Bank.


Students gain access to and varied and impressive network of mentors to enrich students’ educational experience and put them on a more successful college trajectory. 

Hiland offers students in the Capital region two different types of living situations- homestay and dormitory life.  In addition to managing a host family program, Hiland manages a local dormitory. Because Hiland operates the dormitory that has classrooms and large gathering spaces, whether students are in homestay or live in our dorm, they are offered the chance to participate in numerous Hiland enrichment activities like SAT, Toefl, ESL, keynote speaker engagements, holiday parties, special dinners, birthday celebrations and other events that help students feel connected to a supportive community here

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