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Highland study abroad students gain intercultural understanding, learn mutual respect, and develop a sense of social responsibility. Students learn leadership skills necessary to meet the challenges of a ever changing global community. 

When you become a Highland student, you join an expert global exchange network with 30 years of experience in study abroad programs. From application completion, Visa processing and travel accommodations to customizing your exchange, our experienced staff are here to support our students every step of the way.

  1. Experience A Different Culture

One of the greatest benefits of studying abroad is experiencing a culture that is completely different from your own. When you travel in a foreign country as a tourist, your time is often spent as an outsider looking in, but when you live in a country as a student, you are able to experience a culture and the world in a completely unique way.

Highland is your partner in this cultural exchange experience. Highland supports educators, host families, counselors and mentors to appreciate and understand your home country’s cultural nuances. Hilland supports students to understand cultural difference in the USA and helps support students to understand their new cultural norms and challenge themselves to try new things. Studying abroad is not about shedding one’s own culture, but rather adding to your cultural competency and helping people you meet in the USA to have a better understanding of your own culture. The Highland study abroad experience is appreciative and reciprocal, helping all parties involved, students, educators and peers grow in global citizenship.

   2. Learn A New Language

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. Though there are plenty of ways to learn a language in a classroom setting, often it is not until you are residing in an environment where it is spoken that language becomes fluent. Highland students who live in the USA learn the vernacular unique to their American peers. They learn to listen, understand and communicate at the normal spoken speed of native speakers. Being fluent in a second language is a valuable skill to have in a growingly competitive, global marketplace.

Highland students have added support as they grow in fluency. Students can participate in Highland Academy Language Lab, which gives students access to ESL, essay support, Toefl and SAT preparation classes.

    3. Prepare For College

Many studies report higher university admission rates for students who have studied abroad compared to those who have not. Students who attend a high school in the USA for even one year report feeling much more prepared for an American university. Building a high school resume is one of the most practical reasons to study abroad. Activities available in American high schools offer students the opportunity to showcase a broad scope of talents, passions and strengths to college admissions officers. An international study abroad experience on a resume demonstrates to universities that a student is serious about their commitment to assimilate and achieve in all academic environments. Highland offers students the guidance to take advantage of their new opportunities to best showcase the amazing individual the student is. Plainly, Highland Students who study abroad stand out from applicants who do not.

    4. Meet New People

One of the best reasons to study abroad is the avenue they give you for meeting new people from all walks of life. Whether it is the students you travel with or the people you meet at your destination, the opportunity to meet lots of different people around the world is good for both networking and social purposes. And while some of these people may just be acquaintances, many of them have the potential to become your lifelong friends. That is a benefit that is worth more than money or experience, and one of the best reasons why studying abroad will change your life. Whether you live in homestay or in dorm, Highland offers regular opportunities to gather with peers in an organized social setting. Students who are either shy or outgoing benefit from organized social activities.

    5. Gain Leadership Skills

Traveling the world and meeting different people helps students open their minds, inspires curiosity, teaches initiative, and grows the understanding needed to become leadership material. Highland will always provide a safe and supportive experience when students participate in our study abroad programs, but this experience does require a certain amount of personal initiative and independence as students travel, interact in a foreign culture, and learn new skills. Highland’s study abroad programs clearly contribute to significant developmental outcomes, particularly intercultural competencies. A greater understanding and practice of an intercultural global mindset and skillset are important developmental milestones for college students. These leadership skills are extremely valuable to be successful in college and as students prepare you for the rest of their adult lives.


Highland’s Study Abroad Program experience is individualized. What you get out of our study abroad program is unique to you. Our schools offer STEM, AP courses or IB programs as well as “TRACK” courses for focused enrichment in areas like engineering, medicine, business and more. All USA high schools are known for education of the whole child, mindy, body and spirit. Students are encouraged to develop all aspects of themselves, and schools offer many, many opportunities to play sports, join clubs, immerse in art and share their unique selves with others. Highland’s support is tailored for students, so whether they live in a Homestay or in our dormitory, students have the proper amount of guidance and support to thrive.

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