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Global Education System


As Highland International Education, our mission and goal is to globalize the education. Especially China and the United States. We are building a "bridge" between Chinese education systems and American education systems.

作为海兰德国际教育,我们的使命和目标是实现教育全球化。特别是中国和美国。 我们正在建立中国教育系统和美国教育系统之间的“桥梁”。

1. Helping International Education organization and American schools building relationship and cooperation.


2. Looking for American schools that wish to work with Chinese education organization, which can directly send students study abroad, and do exchange programs.

2. 寻找希望与中国教育机构合作,可以直接派遣学生出国留学,并有交流计划的美国学校。

3. Building partnerships between Chinese education organization or schools with American education organizations or schools. This action helps us to achieve the Educational globalization.

3. 与美国教育机构或学校建立中国教育组织或学校之间的合作关系。 这一行动有助于我们实现教育全球化。


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